Chuck Obaze Lead Photographer

My name is Chuck Obaze and i am an aspiring Artist (Graphic and Web Designer) with a niché for photography. Started with nightlife photography but slowly evolved into weddings.

I love shooting weddings because it is the only area of photography where i get the opportunity to apply virtually all the other areas of photography, including: taking pictures of the ring, shoes, and other little accessories (product photography), posing the bride/groom for dynamic shots (Beauty/Portraiture photography), taking pictures of the venue (landscape photography) and so on. Also, the aura during weddings is one filled with joy, emotions and happiness, and i love capturing them in an artistic manner.

I like to have fun in everything i do, so if i'm shooting your wedding or event, get ready for laughs and an energetic photographer. I designed and developed this website myself, and i want to say a big thanks for stopping by. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. God Bless :)